1. Room 210

When people really paid attention to her they noticed she was an introvert, but most mistook this for being distant, disinterested, not part of the crowd. She worked in a world where being an introvert did not make sense. It was as if she were two people at the same time.

She was curvy with muscular shoulders and large breasts, a defined waist and wide hips. She had a rounded belly, soft and warm but always hidden. Her large thighs were strong without being masculine. She knew she had sex appeal, but rarely explored her fantasies. She had lots of lovers, but never found any connection. Nothing sparked for her. It was all too straight forward.

They met at a sales workshop. He was a communication expert, talking about using fewer words to write punchy sales proposals. Another death-by-Powerpoint session intended to add more fizz to the already overloaded jargon employed to wow the customers. It was a subject lost on most of them, and only a few people in the room engaged with him during the workshop. It was intriguing, how to say less but mean more, how to get what you want without having to give out all of your secrets.

It was later at the networking evening where they met properly. She hated these events. All the sales patter and blue-sky-thinking turned her stomach. People happy to say and do anything to fit the mould, get noticed, climb a bit higher. Vapid vacuous people.

“You don’t fit in here do you?”

“Well, that’s to the point. I think you might be taking your subject too seriously.”

They both laughed.

“I’ve been watching you. You’re smart. You know the moves of every person in this room, and you’re ten steps ahead of them all yet you’re an introvert and hate being here. You could run rings around these people but you choose to stay in the shadows. I could see it in the workshop this afternoon. You didn’t need to say a lot for me to notice it.”

“I suppose you don’t have much else to teach me then?” She smirked but quickly felt embarrassed. He gazed at her and said nothing, waiting for her to break the awkward silence.  “I am sorry if that sounded rude. Is this still a work thing, or a social comment?”

“That’s ok. I didn’t intend to offend you. It’s actually a complement. More than a complement. I don’t see many people like you, and I’ve spent all afternoon wondering what makes you tick.”

Her face flushed red. She felt awkward and didn’t know how to respond. “I’ll be back shortly. I need to use the bathroom and could use another drink.”

“I’ll get it. I’ll see you at the bar.” He was still holding her gaze.

“Oh, that’s not what I meant. But thank you.”

“I’ll see you at the bar.” He insisted.

That evening they chatted, he asked about her life whilst not giving up much about his. She was guarded. She knew this was probably just another sales-do where you could count the number of hotel husbands trying to hit on anything with a pulse. But something felt different.

“OK. Well, I’m going to say goodnight now. I’ve a long day tomorrow.” She was making an excuse. She felt on edge and nervous around him. There was a connection and she couldn’t work it out.

“Can we talk again? I’ve enjoyed this evening.”

He held his card out, looking her directly in the eye again. Another uncomfortable silence followed, charged with an equal measure of awkwardness on her part and assertiveness on his. She fumbled to get her card out of her handbag.

“No, I don’t need it. You can contact me. You have amazing eyes. There is something hidden behind them.”

She stood up, not knowing whether he wanted something more, or if he was a creep. It was intense. She said nothing, turned and walked away from the bar. His eyes followed her out of the room.

She lay in bed in the carbon-copy beige hotel room feeling as if something had happened, but not sure what. She held his card in her hand, turning it over and over on the corners. She picked up her phone and typed out a message.

Thank you for a weird evening. I mean that as a complement. Cx

She stared at the message, felt a rush of excitement and hit send. A moment later he replied.

It was a pleasure. I didn’t ask you an important question. Do you have an open mind?

She felt frustrated. Maybe he is just another hotel husband after all.

That’s a strange thing to ask. In what respect?

I’d just like to know how deep you go behind those eyes, and we could have some fun.

Adrenalin suddenly coursed through her. This was no hotel husband. They’re always too drunk or too stupid to play word games like this. She paused, wondering what to say next, and he sent another message.

What time do you need to leave in the morning?

Her nipples hardened. She wanted him to come to her room now. Her intrigue had changed to desire. She wondered if he had a spark of something she hadn’t found before.

More sales meetings here, they start at 10am.

What room are you in? I’m an early riser. I’ll come to you at 6.30am.

Room 210

Can I ask you to do something for me?


Shower before I come to your room. Shave your pussy. When you’ve finished don’t towel off, just put on the hotel robe. Don’t dry your hair or put makeup on. I don’t want you to be something you’re not. I don’t want you to hide your curves and flesh. I just want the real you. Goodnight.

She was horny and terrified. This could go horribly wrong.

She didn’t sleep well. She never did in hotels. She felt tense. As usual she woke up five minutes before the alarm. She went to the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. She could see her nipples through her vest, and wondered what he would think of her large, soft breasts. They weren’t pert and firm. They were voluptuous. They flowed with her movements.

She got in the shower. She felt as if she could play with herself right now and come in seconds. She rubbed her shower cream around her pussy. It felt good, but she made herself wait. She shaved herself then rinsed off.

She did as he had asked, put her robe on, hair dripping onto her shoulders and chest, and waited. It was 6.30am. She was aware of her nervousness but that just intensified the sexual tension. She felt exposed. It occurred to her that this is how some people get abused. But the anticipation of something wonderful happening was more powerful.

She heard footsteps outside followed by a quiet knock at the door. What if he wasn’t the same man she had spoken to?

She opened the door. He stood there, smiling.

“Hello. Come in.” She was quiet. It was almost impossible to hide her apprehension – part fear, part desperate excitement. He walked in to the room and looked around. “Yes, same old beige. They’re all the same these rooms aren’t they?”

She didn’t respond. She was trying to read him, what did he want her for?

He pulled her close to him. His strong hands rubbed her neck, and he slipped his hands under the robe to massage her shoulders. It felt good as he started to explore her rounded tanned shoulders, neck and hair-line.

He spoke in her ear. “Are you ready to get to know each other properly? I don’t want you to do anything. I just want you to enjoy it, and relax.”

“I’d like that” she whispered, feeling angry that she felt so submissive.

He pushed her down onto the bed. Straddling her, with his jeans and boots still on. He started to kiss her, discovering her soft mouth with his tongue. His hands held hers, not allowing her to touch him.

He let go of her and untied her robe, opening it slowly, viewing her naked body for the first time. Her breasts were swollen, he could see them rise and fall with her breathing. He kissed her neck, moving slowly to her chest, caressing her nipples, sucking and biting to cause just enough discomfort to increase the pleasure.

He pushed her legs apart, slid down and inhaled deeply. “You smell beautiful. You’re so wet. I imagined this when I woke up and I had such a hard on.”

He spread her pussy open with his fingers and started to suck her clit in the same way he had her nipples. Starting softly, increasing, getting harder, little nibbles. He knew she was close to an orgasm but he was going to make her wait for it. He stopped sucking. He started taking long, slow licks from her arsehole up to her clit. Licking slowly, purposefully, like a dog. “You taste like I imagined.”  He pushed his tongue deep into her pussy, tasting, licking, sucking.

She started to moan as she felt the long slow burn of her orgasm starting to build. She was desperate for him to bring her off and release the pressure that had started to build the evening before.

He stopped. “Not yet.” He kissed her, making her taste herself on his tongue and lips. He instructed her to sit up and move to the edge of the bed.

He undressed close in front of her. She became aware for the first time of his body. He was of average height with a stocky solid build, like he worked out properly, not like one of the muscle boys at work. She thought he was probably in his fifties, but it was hard to tell.

As he held her face gently, she started to lick around the tip of his cock. It was hard and veined, it looked alive. She looked up at him and placed her lips around him, slowly sucking and teasing him. He filled her mouth, it was thicker than she had expected. She hardly had to suck before she started to taste him. He started to fuck her mouth gently whilst she sucked. She reached under his cock to find his balls, pulling them down and squeezing just hard enough for him to know that she wasn’t a submissive push-over, yet gentle enough to keep him on the edge just as he had done to her. She felt herself getting wetter as she thought about what he would feel like inside her.

He pulled away. Pushed her back up the bed, climbing on top of her. He kissed her hard, whilst he pushed his knee into her thigh. He kissed around her neck, up to her ear.

He gently pressed into her. His wide cock took her breath away for a moment. “Are you OK?” he asked. “You have such a tight pussy. I’ve been waiting so long to meet someone like you. Its better than I hoped.”

He started to fuck her, gently at first, and then reached under her knee and pulled up her leg.  His strong hand pushed onto the back of her knee, putting his weight against her, opening her wide. He pulled his cock fully out of her each time, sliding quickly but gently back in so she felt him enter her deeper and deeper as he looked her in the eye, not leaving her gaze.

It was impossible for her to hold off. She was so wet and she started to moan as her orgasm throbbed inside. Her pussy was clenching tight around him. He stopped thrusting, but forced up against her, putting more and more pressure on her clit. He ground his pelvis down onto her, slowing the orgasm, but not allowing it to stop. Bearing down on her harder and harder, he put his hand over her mouth and stopped her from shouting out as she came.

It slowed, she was breathing hard, red with excitement and buzzing with pleasure. He pulled out of her. He had not yet come, so she moved in order to start sucking him again. He pushed her away.

“No, I’m not finished with you yet. Turn over, get on all fours.”

He placed one hand on the middle of her back, forcing her down. His hand was warm and strong. With his other hand he slid his fingers into her from behind. He started to rub his fingers around her arsehole. He teased her, gently fingering her enough to start that delicious feeling of wanting him inside her again.

He entered her pussy from behind and kept rubbing her arsehole with his thumb. He took his hand off her back and reached forward, grabbing her wet shoulder length hair. As he started to fuck her harder and harder, he pulled her hair, lifting her head up, moving her body into a beautiful shape so she could feel him fully insider her. Her swollen breasts rocked with his fucking, brushing against the bed, turning her on more and more.

He got harder and faster, his body slamming against her. She felt herself tightening again, building up to a harder, stronger orgasm. He pushed his thumb deep into her arsehole. She could feel him coming and he kept ramming into her. He was quiet but so strong, she thought he could probably do some real damage if he wanted to. He pulled her head back further as her orgasm surged over her, his hand gripping her hair at the roots. Dominating her movements. It was painful but felt good.

He slowed, letting go of her hair her gripped her shoulder to turn her over. She lay down down onto the bed. It felt like he towered over her, surveying his naked prize.

He went down on her again, sucking out his and her cum. He clamped his lips around her clit. It was painful, and he sucked hard, his fingers sliding back into her and sliding around her creases. It felt strange after having his cock inside her. He muttered he wanted to feel her come around his fingers. He sucked and sucked, and he used his teeth again to bring her to that final, desperate orgasm.

She moaned. “Don’t stop, harder, just don’t stop. Just fuck me again and again. Just don’t stop…”

Again she lay there, flushed red, naked. He got off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash. She was conscious of feeling exposed, but she didn’t want to move and lose the dazed blissful state she was in.

He finished in the bathroom and walked over to her. He stood for a moment and gazed at her body. He dressed without taking his eyes off her.

Leaning over, he placed his warm hand on her cheek, cupping her chin.

“I need to go now. Drop me a line sometime soon.”

He kissed her briefly then walked out of the room as if nothing had happened.

She eventually sat up and made her way to the bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror. His words rung in her ears. Her skin was tingling, and she wondered if she would ever see him again.

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