The Leather Man

Finally, a day to themselves. Peace from the forced conversations, being on edge, and not having to try so hard to be part of the family. The others had gone out, leaving them to a quiet day in the luxury of the rented villa they had chosen for another awful holiday together.

It was a hot day. The pool was sparkling blue and white shards in the sun. She got in, her naked skin prickling with the slight chill of the water. The pool was secluded but the villas felt on top of each other, no privacy really. She didn’t care if other people could see her though. It felt good to not give a fuck. She should do it more often.

Adrian joined her, jumping in and swimming to her under the water. His hands were rough as he felt his way up her legs and moving round to her arse, his head coming up to her chest, kissing her neck as he came up for air. “Why the fuck are you naked, what if someone sees you?”

“What if they do? I’m in my own private pool. If they want to look, let them, they might enjoy it.”

Adrian laughed. “You’ll give Dad a heart attack if he comes back early. Nice way to go I suppose, seeing your enormous tits bobbing away in the water.”

He lifted her legs and she wrapped them around him. She felt the stirrings of his cock as she floated with him. He moved her to the side of the pool, forcing her against the wall as he pushed his fingers into her cunt slowly. She didn’t feel horny, but he rarely made the first move so she let him continue.

Burying his face into her chest, he started to suck and kiss her tits. By now he was hard and she was starting to enjoy the slow steady wank he was providing, his fingers deep inside her whilst he rubbed her clit with the thumb pad and heel of his hand.

It was then she noticed the man from the next-door villa on his sun lounger looking directly at her. His skin was like leather, wrinkled and parched by the sun. She was glad Adrian had his back to him. There’s no way he would be doing this if he knew. It was then she decided, the fuck was for the leather man, not Adrian.

She raised her elbows to the side of the pool, lifting out of the water so her tits were fully visible. Adrian was sucking one of her nipples, harder now. He stopped fingering her to pull his firm cock out of his trunks and she lowered herself onto him.

The water made her cunt feel different. Almost dry. She felt every thrust as if she was smaller and tighter. The leather man was now sitting up, watching her intently. Her tits moving with the fucking, she kept looking at him, staring, willing him to do something.

Adrian reached around and pulled her arse cheeks apart, the stretched feeling of her cunt and arsehole was enough for her to bite her lip. He was fucking her roughly now, her back grazing against the edge of the pool. She wanted to drop her head back and close her eyes, but she also wanted the leather man to watch her being fucked, and she wanted to see pleasure on his face.

By now the leather man was rubbing his cock through his shorts. “That’s it” she said, looking directly at him, “fuck my cunt”.

The leather man pulled his cock out for her to see. She imagined him straddling her, one hand on his leathery cock, the other groping one of her beautiful round tits. His wanking was frenzied, as if he would get caught at any moment.

“Mmm your cock feels so good. So strong, fucking my tight pussy. I know you want to screw me harder and harder like the dirty fuck that you are.”

Adrian put his hand up to her neck, gripping, squeezing. “Your dirty whore cunt feels good. I love it when you talk to me.”

The leather man was now standing. He looked close to coming. She was bristling with energy and felt powerful knowing he was wanking over her. Her pussy tightened, rippling around Adrian’s cock whilst she longed for the leather man to be stood over them, ready to join in.

The leather man was coming. So was Adrian. So was she. Strong powerful orgasms rolled through her cunt as he watched her, coming into his hand.

She dropped down, putting her arms around Adrian’s neck, still watching the leather man.

Her pussy continued to pulse and squeeze around Adrian long after he had finished. Adrian pushed her off him. “I’m going to get a beer, want one?” he asked as if he’d just carried out a mundane task and the beer was his reward.

She climbed out of the pool and turned to face the leather man. She placed her hands on her curvy hips. Water glittered on her skin, and Adrian’s cum started to slide down the inside of her thigh. The leather man smiled. As she turned to walk away he spoke. “I’d have kept going, you weren’t even started. He doesn’t know how to look after a mind or pussy like yours.”


© All rights reserved. CLR at 2016


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