Pierced nipples #1

Recently I’ve joined the “Fuck It Club”. I’ve spent far too long trying to fit in, to be what others want. It’s great therapy. Fuck everyone. Fuck it, I’m just doing it.
I’ve fantasised about pierced nipples for a long time. And finally I got them done.

I’ve had the permanent horn since. Today has been particularly intense. My now comfortable piercings in my leopard print bra have been rubbing. Constant tingles of pleasure resonating in my cunt.

Sitting, on my own, drinking coffee. Watching a middle aged man with his mother, a wry smile between us as he leaves.

Sat, relaxing, utterly aware of how turned on I am, but everyone else going about their daily grind. Powerless to do anything apart from drink my coffee and relish the feeling of every slight move. Reaching for my cup. Crossing my legs. Uncrossing them almost straight away, feeling like I might give my secret up.

Laying here now, much later, having had a few drinks. My huge tits comfortable, finally, in a vest. Ripples, sweet warmth in my cunt as I long to be sucked and licked, squeezing and twisting. Pure pleasure.




4 thoughts on “Pierced nipples #1

  1. Not only am I a huge fan of pierced tits, your last paragraph is just so exciting. I have fantasied having mine pierced and I think I will join ‘the fuck it club’ too and do it. After all my tits are perhaps as big as yours so seeing someone with huge tits gives me more confidence because I always see pierced perky tits and wish I had em.

    It’s a sensually inspiring post this.

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    • I wish I’d done it a long time ago. I also thought the same re all the perky tits. But life’s too short. My tits wont be small or perky ever again but they’re still a fab pair šŸ˜‰ Also, my nipples were never EVER as sensitive as they are now.

      It helps that I have an acquaintance who is a piercer so I bombarded him with questions. Aftercare is hugely important – I may do a post on my experience and what worked for me.

      Join my gang LOL

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