Are you angry or are you boring?

Today I’ve had questions buzzing in my head drowning out other things. For some reason this image came to mind. I felt like banging my head on the bricks, hoping some answers might fall out. 

Instead I just wrote the questions down as they came, and cracked on with being boring…

Do you know any of the answers? Is there anyone out there reading this?

Are my words for me or for you?

Am I vanilla or raspberry-ripple?

What does it matter? Do I even know?

Do you read what I write, hear what I say?

Am I doing this for a reason?

How do I communicate what’s inside? Why do I feel the need to get it out?

Why do I care? Why do you care for that matter? Should one care?

Is it veiled exhibitionism?

Is it scratching an itch that would otherwise be a more dangerous thing?

Am I angry or just boring?

You tell me…

Are you angry or are you boring? Gilbert & George 1977


2 thoughts on “Are you angry or are you boring?

  1. I am guessing we are all plagued by those questions from time to time. I blog for so many reasons … I think i am still trying to discover my voice and although i began my blog for a specific audience – erotica and romance – it is evolving into more than that I love feedback but mostly i get a tick if i am “lucky!” So maybe a blog is not for feedback … i need a writing buddy or group for that? I love to see my work “published” and this is a good way though one day it would be nice if someone wanted to publish me for real. I suspect i would have to give up my day job to get that good!
    In the end blog for yourself … to meet that “need” and might never know just who else you have helped to meet their “needs”. ☺

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    • Thank you so much for your comment. I am still very new to this, I know what and how I want to write, but improving my skills actually means other people have to read what I do. But I do also get a kick out of some of this stuff no longer being “secret”! Your point about a buddy or group is a good one. I’m always keen/willing as the more I read the more I improve myself. And I also need some guidance especially with my long forgotten grammatical rules! Just message me if you fancy a writing buddy, or leave comments any time, all lovingly received!
      But you’re also correct re the tick!


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