3. Room 9

She stood beside the car. Her hand trembled as she opened the boot and reached for her overnight bag. She felt a mix of confused emotions jostling for space between anxiety and exhilaration.

Luckily the room numbers were signposted from the car park so she could avoid going via the reception desk. This was the opposite of the walk of shame – the walk of anticipation – but it still travelled down the same decadent path.

A thrill of expectation surged through her as she waited in the corridor outside the room. She drew deep breaths to steady her nerves and told herself to get her head straight and stay in control. She knocked, she could hear his brisk steps rushing to the door.

He smiled, took her bag from her hand and walked back into the room. She closed the door behind her, feeling self-conscious. He placed her bag on the floor and turned to face her. He was observing her, contemplating.

“I’ve had a long day so I’m just going to freshen up. Do you think you could fix me a drink?” She reached forward for her bag and he grabbed her wrist firmly. She froze, looking up at him.

“I can manage my own bag, and I’d quite like a beer. Can you order from room service whilst I use the bathroom please?” Her tone was abrupt. She didn’t think he was a violent man, but she knew she had to maintain some level of control of the situation or leave, but she couldn’t deny the fact that she wanted to stay.

His grip softened. “I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to be so full on. I’ll order some drinks now. I’m such a dick. Sorry. I guess I’m just excited to see you.”

“Its fine, lets have a beer and forget it.” She took her toiletries out of her bag and kicked off her shoes. She could hear him on the phone as she shut the bathroom door behind her.

She started to undress. It felt like she was releasing herself from her day-time persona, it was a liberation. She had taken her bra off and was down to her knickers when he knocked at the door. “Drinks are here. Do you want one now or when you come out?”

She wanted him more than the drink now. She was going to have him, but would she do it her way or his? She opened the door.

“I’ll have one now please. Perhaps you can bring it in to me?”

She stood square on to him in just her plain black knickers, her full breasts dappled with goose bumps. His response seemed to take an eternity.

He slammed her up against the door frame, his lips crashing onto her mouth with fervent kissing. “Fuck the drinks” he groaned as his hands groped her flesh.  He pushed his thigh into her groin, forcing his body hard into her. She gripped her fingers around his waist as she kissed him back, delving her tongue deep into his mouth.

“Stop.” She shoved him from her, releasing his grip. “I want a drink, and a shower. You can wait ten minutes.”

He stood back from her, his erection straining through his trousers, desperate to escape. His finger marks were red against her skin. She turned away, slipped her knickers off by bending in front of him, slowly and deliberately giving him full view of her round bottom and velvet soft pussy, glistening from the hunger they had created just moments before.

She stepped into the shower. Under the steady stream of hot water, the stinging where his hands had dug into her subsided. She washed her hair, the lather running down her neck between her breasts. She rubbed soap around her nipples, her hands massaging down to her navel and further still to her throbbing pussy. She caressed herself, sliding her fingers between the folds, the hot water rinsing her clean as she felt her clit respond to her delicate touch.

She knew he was in the room watching her as she leant forward, resting her head against the cold tiled wall. As she stroked she turned to look at him, his now naked body tense with delight, water cascading off her engorged tits. He moved towards the shower.

“No, I asked you to wait. This is my time.” She wanted him to know that she wasn’t as easy as their first morning together made it seem. His expression changed briefly to that of a boy being chastised. She continued to masturbate, fingers exploring and circling her clit. She turned away from him as her orgasm started to roll in, she desperately wanted to feel it with him watching, but she reached up and knocked the tap to cold. Everything in her contracted as the icy water pierced her senses. The rush of blood away from her pussy into her core made her thighs tremble. The violent chill was electrifying.

As she stepped out of the shower he passed her a warm towel, his eyes taking in her every curve. She roughly dried off her hair whilst he waited. He reached out to her, gently tracing a finger down her torso, following the trickles of water over her hips.

Facing him, she hung up her towel, deliberately making her breasts brush against him as she reached over him. She bought her hand back to his solid shoulder and guided him lower whilst he ran his tongue down her body. She pushed harder, sending him to his knees. Her fingers combed through his short hair before gripping it tightly, pulling him into her pussy, willing him to please her.

His tongue was stiff, flicking around, feeding off her arousal. “Suck harder” she moaned as he breathed her in, a heady mix of scented soap and slippery excitement. “I Just want to fuck you” he groaned as he slicked his fingers inside, pursing his lips around her.

“Keep sucking” she replied, “I want to come on your tongue, I want you to taste all of me.”

He bared his teeth around her enflamed clit, increasing the pleasure she felt deep inside her cunt. She leant further into him, placing her hands on the wall behind, gently raising one leg and resting her calf on his back, her knee crooked over his shoulder. He slid a finger back between her buttocks, sliding it rhythmically whilst he continued probing her.

Dizziness took hold as his skilful hands spread her apart for his final assault on her cunt. The shards of cold from the shower left her body as a deep pounding welled up from her core into her pussy and down her legs. She was flushed red as she let herself go, moaning as she pushed harder and harder against his mouth, her silken cum oozing down his chin and fingers.

As he slowed she slid her leg from his shoulder and pulled away from him. She took a large gulp from one of the beers. He was still kneeling in front of her.

He stood up slowly and she noticed his rigid cock dripping between his legs and a pool of his cum on the floor. “Why don’t you go and lie down?” she whispered, “I’ll join you in a minute.”

She dressed quietly, pulling her skirt over her hips, leaving her knickers on the floor. She fastened her bra, its soft cups enclosing her hard nipples. She pulled on her top and grabbed her toiletries. Her bag was outside the door and she dropped the bottles into it. She slid her shoes on before walking over to the bed where he was lying with his firm cock resting in his hand.

“Wait, you’re dressed, why are you leav…” she interrupted him by kissing him softly, her tongue lingering on his lips, tasting herself, and she turned and walked out of the room.

When she reached her car, the cool evening breeze floated around her bare legs. She opened the door and put her bag on the drivers seat. She leant against the car for a moment, noticing the nervousness dancing around her belly.

She reached for her phone and typed him message.

I’m still in the car park. Dress and come out to me.

His reply was short. For you to drive away?

No. For me to see whether you’re worth me cancelling my room for.

You’re just playing games now. I was hoping this would be more than just a quick jump.

I’m not playing games. I’m just used to being in control, and you make me feel reckless. That’s why I’m still here in the car park. With no underwear on.

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