The most intimate of friends


“Grey Lines with Black Blue & Yellow” Georgia O’Keeffe 1923

It was a relaxed arrangement. For weeks before we chatted at length on-line and then on the phone, and we both wanted to explore further without pressure of partners being involved, or it just being a drunken fumble as previous experiences had been. We became friends with a common interest.

It was Friday afternoon and we agreed to meet at 3pm for coffee, see what goes from there, no pressure. My excited nerves jangled as I parked up and walked in. As agreed, she was sat in the lobby bar, coffee in hand and a huge smile. She greeted me warmly with a hug, like we had been friends for years. Conversation was easy. An hour went by without us even thinking about what next.

There was a natural break in our chatter. It wasn’t an awkward, more a realisation that we wanted more than small talk over a coffee. “So, do you think you’ll stay?” she asked me.

“Yes. I’d like to. Did you book a room?”

“Yes, I’ve been here all day, I’ve done some work and used the spa and pool. I hope you packed your swimsuit, the facilities are great.” Her voice seemed to purr. “Shall we go up?”

As we waited for the lift in silence, her arm touched mine. I sensed the familiar flutter of sexual excitement. It rushed through me. I had felt this many times with different men, but this had been the first time I consciously sought it from another woman.

We stepped into the lift, others were there, fresh faced from the spa. We gazed at each other, willing people to get out and give us this moment on our own. All too soon we reached our floor and walked down the corridor with a few nervous words between us.

We stood by the door. She was gentle, but more experienced than me. Her kiss was soft, different – womanly. Her tongue flicked against mine whilst her hand stroked my neck seductively. We heard the lift doors open again, and she hurriedly unlocked the door and pulled me inside.

I’ve often thought of this moment. It was the point in my life when I realised that for me, sexual attraction or sexuality isn’t a one size fits all simple category. Its not about being straight, bi, gay, beautiful, normal, fat, thin, tall, short or anything else. It’s just about what you want to happen at that point in time. It’s fascination, desirability, magnetism, and being totally comfortable with who you are.

“Let’s relax. No need to rush things”. She took my bag and set it down on the side, and gestured me towards the small sofa. She poured two glasses of wine from the bottle on the side and handed me one. She sat down next to me and clinked my glass.

All I could think was fuck taking things slow. I was horny as hell and wanted to taste her and feel her against me as we indulged in our fantasies.

Setting down my glass I turned and reached to unbutton her shirt. She was curvy, full breasts in a beautiful bra and pale golden skin. She sat back and relaxed as I traced my fingers over her chest. Faint goose bumps rippled as I skimmed over her nipples. I leant over, kissing her neck as she caressed my waist and ribs.

We seemed lost in each other, hands exploring, cupping and squeezing, slow, sensual movements.

We paused and drank some more wine. She stood up from the sofa and undressed in front of me. She had one pierced nipple, and a pierced navel. She was confident, happy to flaunt her glorious body. Taking my hand, she placed it on her pussy. “Feel me.”

She guided me and my fingers gently parted her folds. She was warm and wet, neatly trimmed and velvet soft against my skin. She leant over me as I stroked and circled, her breasts swayed gently with the movements. She pulled my hand away and led my fingers to her mouth whilst she sucked and licked them. I felt I would either come or pass out, there was fire in the pit of my groin and I wanted her to fuck me any way possible.

I stood up and turned, asking her to unzip my dress. I slipped it off as she unfastened my bra. By now I had no inhibitions. My black knickers found their way to the floor as we tangled ourselves in each other, somehow making it to the bed.

As we kissed her fingers slid deep inside me, her pace was slow but firm. My back arched away from the bed as my cunt throbbed with pleasure, trying desperately to hold off whilst craving to let go. Her lips latched onto my nipple as she circled my clit, she sucked and nibbled whilst I ran my fingers through her hair. I let her take the lead, I wasn’t able to think straight as my cheeks burned. I knew I couldn’t hold on for much longer.

She gently turned and moved herself on top of me into a 69. There she was, in front of me, her pussy beckoning to be lapped up like a sweet dessert. She was by now feasting my swollen clit, bringing me right to the edge then stopping to probe her tongue deep inside me. It was a pleasure I had never experienced, and it made me all the more eager to bring her to the same place as me. I pulled her down onto my mouth, sliding my tongue around her as she controlled me completely, her nectar glistening on my lips.

We came together. Our cunts clenching and throbbing around our tongues, both erupting from a place of decadence, our cum oozing, sparkling as if a reward. My orgasm seemed to last and last, long after she turned around and lay beside me, gently stroking my hard wrinkled nipples as my crimson chest trembled.

We lay together for some time before she spoke gently to me, whispering that we had all night to become the most intimate of friends.

© All rights reserved. CLR at 2016


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