Nothing Gold Can Stay – Robert Frost

Natures first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold. 

Her early leaf’s a flower; 

But only so an hour. 

Then leaf subsides to leaf, 

So Eden sank to grief, 

So dawn goes down to day 

Nothing gold can stay.

This is my favourite piece of poetry. I know it by heart, and I am reminded of it in many different situations. Quiet walks, lonely nights and also the best of times. 

My dreams are causing mixed emotions this week which is why I think this poem came to mind. 

The innocent bystanders look on as I want to walk down the path but there’s no right of way. It’s like they knew everything but never told there was another route. I’m bathed in gold in the dawn, but day brings me back to reality and nature’s cycle starts again. It’s a cycle I don’t want to break, for those few hours of gold are precious, even if I can’t follow the path I wanted.

That’s my random rambling for today. Maybe it’s too much/not enough coffee? 


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