Teaser and the Teased

066141b945c6bbbc1a444908757bbfbaHe poured her another glass of wine and placed the bottle back into the ice bucket. They were relaxed, sitting back on the small sofa in the bedroom. His fingers circled the back of her neck as they enjoyed the glow of the wine and winding down of the day.

Reaching down, he picked up a discrete black box. He laid it in her lap, gesturing her to open the lid. Inside lay a glass dildo, sparkling in the soft light. Attached to the end were fronds of sumptuous suede for gently flogging her pink skin. She looked at him with wide eyes, expectant with a hint of naughtiness. He removed the toy from its box and slid the glass end into the ice bucket.

Taking her hand, he led her to the bed where he had tied silk scarves to the corners of the frame. Whilst they stood there, he looked at her and whispered that tonight she was to say nothing whilst he pleasured her.

He caressed her neck further as he pulled her in to his kiss. He was firm, tasting her and the wine. His free hand slipped up inside her blouse. As his fingers grazed over soft skin he noticed her quiver with his touch. He gently pulled at her bra, exposing her warm breast. He cupped his hand around her, rolling her nipple between thumb and index finger whilst gently pulling.

She gyrated her pelvis into his groin, he knew she was starting to enjoy his tongue roaming her mouth and his fingers tugging at her flesh.

He stopped and instructed her to undress in front of him. She slipped out of her blouse and skirt and stood for a moment in her underwear whilst he gently blindfolded her. Again he whispered that he wanted her at his mercy as he explored her body.

As he stood back to admire her beauty, his cock twitched, itching to be let out to play. He removed her bra and smiled as her breasts billowed from their confinement. Pulling her knickers away from her sharply, he detected her sweet musky scent.

He undressed quickly and moved her onto the bed. He climbed over straddling her hips, letting her body feel the warmth of his sturdy thighs as he pushed against her.

His hands traced up her ribs and lifted her arms over her head. He slid up her body, his cock now resting between her round tits, knees in her armpits preventing her from moving. He guided his hardening cock to her lips. He wanted to feel her hot mouth around him and he nudged his glistening end closer and closer. She licked gently as he completed the loose knots of silk around her wrists.

Moving himself away from her mouth, he came back to her now firm breasts and started to suck one nipple forcefully whilst squeezing the other. They were firm and reddening and tasted sweet. Her back arched slightly as he set his teeth around her, just enough for her to tingle with discomfort.

He ran his tongue down to her stomach, his rough hands pushing at her thighs to open her legs. She was neatly trimmed and glistening wet. He grazed her pussy with his stubble, the softest of kisses passing over her clit as he pushed a finger inside her, she felt warm and full of pleasure. Gliding his tongue up from his finger to her clit, she moaned as he worked his way around her, intimately sucking and licking as if savouring the sweetest of desserts. He continued, sliding another finger inside, harder now, seeking out her g-spot. She was pushing herself onto him, willing him to fuck her with his hands.

She let out a frustrated whimper as he moved himself away from her. He pulled her ankles to each corner of the bed, again tying them gently in place with silk scarves. She lay spread in front of him like a trussed bird ready for carving.

Standing now, he rubbed his firm cock in his hand. It felt good to be standing over. Watching her beautiful body blush with expectation and desire. He could rub harder and massage his cum onto her tits, but he slowed, wanting to prolong his games.

Taking an ice-cube from the bucket he held it by her mouth, instructing her to lick it. She complied, and he slid it into her mouth along with his fingers, making her taste her juices along with the refreshing ice.

The glass flogger was by now chilled to perfection. He grasped it in his hand, pondering his next move. He gently flicked the suede strips across her belly, then draped them over her nipples. Then another flick to create crimson lines where the fronds kissed her skin.

Turning, he flapped the suede along her thigh moving closer to her velvet cunt. Flick. She gasped. Flick. Flick. Flick. Not hard enough to inflict real pain, yet sufficient to spark tingles of pleasure inside her.

He held the glass shard against his veined cock for a moment. Ice cold, rippled glass with a large round end resting against his aching flesh.

Dipping the dildo back into the ice bucket, he climbed on top of her and told her she was to suck him whilst he feasted on her pussy. He ground his mouth down onto her sucking her and humming around her clit as he slowly plunged himself into her mouth. She gasped as he lapped at her faster and faster, he knew by the sounds she made she was desperate to be set free of the silk and fuck him.

Removing himself from her mouth, he reached for the dildo and thrust the cold round end on top of her clit. She screamed out as the freezing end shot pleasure through her cunt. He slid it down and into her pussy, slowly fucking her with the frigid plaything, twisting it slowly so the ripples could stimulate her deep inside. She was squirming and clenching her gleaming pussy around the shaft.

He noticed his swollen head dripping as he pulled the dildo out and started to gently flog her cunt and thighs. She panted, telling him not to stop, to make her come. This time he slid the dildo into her and bent forwards to kiss her. Her mouth was warm as his tongue prodded deep into her throat. She groaned with the familiar sound of orgasm starting to build, he slid the dildo harder and harder as she thrust her pelvis up towards his hand.

Stopping once more, he cast the dildo aside and sat astride her as he wanked over her red breasts. Bringing himself to the edge of his orgasm, he let himself go as she writhed, desperate for him to fuck her. Instead he moved to her mouth, edging his engorged tip against her lips as he oozed.

She was beautiful, like a renaissance painting. She was still blindfolded, with his cum on her tits and lips, her pussy soaking but not yet satisfied. The teasing had only just begun. He would bring her to the edge many times tonight before unleashing her to ecstasy.

To be continued…


With thanks to Liverpoolmunky76 for the idea on Flights of fantasy. I’m
not sure its quite what you meant, but it took a turn down a path my mind wanted to follow!

Β© All rights reserved. CLR at theitchthatneeds.wordpress.com 2017




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