Rant #1

Just because my writing happens to be sexually explicit, do not for one minute assume that I am seeking sexual interaction with you. I do not have to care how my words make you feel. Your urges are not MY FAULT. What you want to do behind your computer screen or in your mind is exactly that – in your head, in cyberspace, and NOT REAL.

I am flattered by the many great comments I receive, I also enjoy the odd flirty one. Lets just get one thing straight though. I don’t write this stuff for your validation, for popularity, or to ride on a particular band-wagon. I am not craving male or female attention, and I am not interested in a trail of suggestive messages just because I’ve written something that makes you hard/wet.


I actually quite like my tits!

If I want to post pictures of my tits, or write about sexual experiences, I will. I feel empowered to do so and am not ashamed of who I am – curves, chub, rogue hairs, filthy mind and all. By me posting a picture and writing about something I LIKE, I am not “furthering the objectification of women”. I like my tits. Others like my tits. Some people even like my rolls of fat (weird huh?). Is it exhibitionist? Maybe. My tits are not the best in the world, so it’s not even as if I’m shouting “Hey look at my amazing tits!”

I write what I want, when I want. If I want to post a picture, I will. How you choose to react is up to you, but I’m not obliged to care.

This blog is explicit. If that offends you, fuck off.

Now. Where was I?






6 thoughts on “Rant #1

  1. Our place in this world, on the web, is our place, to do with, what we wish, sharing whatever part of ourselves with the rest of those out there, and, if you don’t like, appreciate, enjoy or hell, agree with said content, then the fuck off button is easier to locate.

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