Teaser and the Teased

066141b945c6bbbc1a444908757bbfbaHe poured her another glass of wine and placed the bottle back into the ice bucket. They were relaxed, sitting back on the small sofa in the bedroom. His fingers circled the back of her neck as they enjoyed the glow of the wine and winding down of the day.

Reaching down, he picked up a discrete black box. He laid it in her lap, gesturing her to open the lid. Inside lay a glass dildo, sparkling in the soft light. Attached to the end were fronds of sumptuous suede for gently flogging her pink skin. She looked at him with wide eyes, expectant with a hint of naughtiness. He removed the toy from its box and slid the glass end into the ice bucket.

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The most intimate of friends


“Grey Lines with Black Blue & Yellow” Georgia O’Keeffe 1923

It was a relaxed arrangement. For weeks before we chatted at length on-line and then on the phone, and we both wanted to explore further without pressure of partners being involved, or it just being a drunken fumble as previous experiences had been. We became friends with a common interest.

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2. I’m Not A Weirdo

An email notification flashed on her screen, diverting her attention from the documentation she was working on. Just as the alert slid out of view, her brain processed the subject line. She sensed a flutter in the pit of her stomach. She tried hard not to think too much about that morning. It had been some weeks since it happened. Her face flushed.

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The Leather Man

Finally, a day to themselves. Peace from the forced conversations, being on edge, and not having to try so hard to be part of the family. The others had gone out, leaving them to a quiet day in the luxury of the rented villa they had chosen for another awful holiday together.

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1. Room 210

When people really paid attention to her they noticed she was an introvert, but most mistook this for being distant, disinterested, not part of the crowd. She worked in a world where being an introvert did not make sense. It was as if she were two people at the same time.

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