Teaser and the Teased

066141b945c6bbbc1a444908757bbfbaHe poured her another glass of wine and placed the bottle back into the ice bucket. They were relaxed, sitting back on the small sofa in the bedroom. His fingers circled the back of her neck as they enjoyed the glow of the wine and winding down of the day.

Reaching down, he picked up a discrete black box. He laid it in her lap, gesturing her to open the lid. Inside lay a glass dildo, sparkling in the soft light. Attached to the end were fronds of sumptuous suede for gently flogging her pink skin. She looked at him with wide eyes, expectant with a hint of naughtiness. He removed the toy from its box and slid the glass end into the ice bucket.

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Flights of fantasy

f16cffa09bf0d47c175416cdebadc59bIf I tell you mine, will you tell me yours?

In my head, fantasies and frolics jostle for space amongst the mundane thinking required for daily life. My fantasies fight with one another to get my attention and then prick at physical sensations, reminding me that they could be real if I allowed them to be.

I love to know what other people think about, its a big thing for me. I want to know what he is thinking when we’re making love – even if he’s not thinking of me. I want to know what is in your head whilst you watch, or read my words. I wonder, are you the same as me?

I want to feed my own thoughts, allowing them to trickle between the gaps of my consciousness, stored for another time or to melt into the here and now. Maybe it’s just something for me to write about further, or act out if I get the chance. The mind is a powerful thing. It needs feeding – so tell me.

Teaser and the Teased – with thanks to Liverpoolmunky76




My words and your thoughts

Leading towards the precipice

Unable to flee the flames of the past

Licking at my thighs

You tell me what I do to you

Thrusting together once more

Closer to the edge

I watch

You punish me for bringing you to this place

I hear your gasps as you topple over

Leaving me behind once again.

London Andrews 

© All rights reserved. CLR at theitchthatneeds.wordpress.com 2017

A personal post

After two bereavements over the Christmas period life has felt heavy but I’m slowly getting back on track. 
I’ve been listening to lots of music, and finding art and words for inspiration. Today, it’s Mr Bowie’s eclectic Blackstar album. I listened to the album the day before he died and it didn’t make much sense. It does now. 

David Bowie – Blackstar

I feel very drawn to the imagery in this video, and the lyrics. You might notice my profile picture somewhere in the video. 

I’m hoping my words come back to me soon. They’re all there, just getting them down in some kind of coherent order is a challenge. All I need is one or two sparks, and the rest will come.

Happy New Year. 

Room 9 – edited

I wasn’t sure that part 3 of my Hotel series “Room 9” was fully formed when I posted it. I left it up for a while  so I could think about what it was that wasn’t working for me. I’ve updated it now, and I also have the bones of the next chapter in my head. I hope to get that posted once I’ve got some real life stuff dealt with this week. Anyway, take another look and let me know what you think.

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