My words and your thoughts

Leading towards the precipice

Unable to flee the flames of the past

Licking at my thighs

You tell me what I do to you

Thrusting together once more

Closer to the edge

I watch

You punish me for bringing you to this place

I hear your gasps as you topple over

Leaving me behind once again.

London Andrews 

© All rights reserved. CLR at 2017

Morning rush

I wake slowly to the warm rumble against my skin

Vibrating silicone excites surgical steel and velvet nipples

Travelling south, tantalising, soft curves tremble

Gently parting, nudging towards sweet release

Pinned down whilst bursting free

Rush to wash, dress, make a dash

Flushed red cheeks in the cold morning air sting, giving away my wakeup call.

© All rights reserved. CLR at 2016

Sunshine sensations

​I’ve escaped the cold wet November for a much needed break with my man. The chill against nipple metal has been swapped for a hot caribbean breeze. The pricking warmth of the sun against my skin is a welcome sensation. 

Unfortunately we’re in a strictly family friendly place. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful location, but not somewhere I can fully relax outside the confines of my bathing suit!  So, this is as good as it gets – heat rash, freckles & all!

To add a side note, this isn’t intended as a prick tease post. It’s just to say I’m away, quite happy, yet feeling confined, which is a strange mix when I’ve felt much more comfortable in my own skin of late. Just needed to get it down I suppose, seeing as I can’t get the “twins” out! 

Pierced nipples #2

Pierced nipples and the cold November air create a very thin line between pleasure and pain. I’m learning that crossing, or blurring, that line is occasionally quite rewarding.

To be continued…

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