Pierced nipples #4

My other half has always made jokes about “peepy-hole bras” so I decided to surprise him with some new lingerie at the weekend. Having a rather large set of knockers, I was concerned that I was going to look bloody awful. Lets just say I won’t be wearing the bra when I do the weekly shop – but for use in private its a fun addition to my underwear drawer!

My nipples are considerably more sensitive now they’re pierced. Previously, I didn’t get a lot of pleasure from them being played with. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it as part of the overall experience, but I didn’t get much from it. I always felt a bit disappointed seeing as my boobs are such a prominent part of my curviness!

Now its a very different story. They feel utterly sensational.



© All rights reserved CLR at theitchthatneeds.wordpress.com 2017


You seek forgiveness for your sins,

Yet the taste of Eve’s apple lingers between the hemispheres of lust.

The serpent entwines us,

My porcelain skin bristling with desire for the touch of your dark hands, longing for pleasure to carve deep into my void.

My dew glistens along our invisible bonds,

You watch from afar,

Temptation takes hold.

© All rights reserved. CLR at theitchthatneeds.wordpress.com 2016