Random #1

Do you ever read or hear something that stops you dead and makes you really think?

I wouldn’t normally post stuff like this and I’m certainly not one for a daily motivational meme, but this quote from Beau Taplin did stop and make me think. And then I pushed all the feels back inside again… 

Anywho. I’m back from my break, and back to writing, I’ve lots to get on with!

Sunshine sensations

​I’ve escaped the cold wet November for a much needed break with my man. The chill against nipple metal has been swapped for a hot caribbean breeze. The pricking warmth of the sun against my skin is a welcome sensation. 

Unfortunately we’re in a strictly family friendly place. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful location, but not somewhere I can fully relax outside the confines of my bathing suit!  So, this is as good as it gets – heat rash, freckles & all!

To add a side note, this isn’t intended as a prick tease post. It’s just to say I’m away, quite happy, yet feeling confined, which is a strange mix when I’ve felt much more comfortable in my own skin of late. Just needed to get it down I suppose, seeing as I can’t get the “twins” out!